Privacy policy

Privacy policy for Delta: Algorithms

Privacy policy

Groupe MINASTE built Delta: Algorithms as an Open Source app. This service is provided by Groupe MINASTE at no cost and is intended for use as is.

Data collected by the app

We do not collect any data from the app. The algorithms you create are stored in a database on your device, and all the calculations are made on the device too.

Data collected by Delta Cloud

By using Delta Cloud, data might be collected by our servers.
If you only download algorithms from the Cloud, we do not store any data from you.
If you create a Delta Cloud account and upload algorithms to the Cloud, we will store your name, username, encrypted password and algorithms you uploaded.

Download and/or delete your data

You can download a copy of your data or delete your data from Delta Cloud at any time by going to My Delta Cloud account > Moreā€¦ and select either Download my data or Delete my account.